Your ears will be amazed


The art of whistling is mainly associated with classical music. In my cover of Lindsey Stirling  "Crystallize" I combine whistling and dubstep. Enjoy.

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Audio samples

Queen of the Night

Here is a little selection of my repertoire. I will adapt the genre of the whistled music to the frame of your event.

Classical medley
Bird imitation
Under Paris Skies

The science of whistling

What actually happens in the mouth when you whistle?
Together with the biochemical institute of the Max Planck Society in Göttingen, a scientific experiment took place to illustrate what happens in the mouth during whistling. The inventor of the real-time MRI, Prof. Dr. Jens Frahm directed the experiment.

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In the 7-times awarded documentary "The Art & Science of traveling" I was allowed to participate in the role as "Music department, Composer"

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