Pure lip acrobatics

2 lips 1 instrument

Didn’t care two hoots… 

… and started with the art of whistling!

After playing the violin for ten years, I decided to start practicing music using only my lips.

What the art of whistling means to me:

Making people wonder, moving people,

taking people away into another world,

Making people’s eyes sparkle. There’s hardly anything more beautiful than that.

Hard facts

  • 2019: Integration into the casting pool of Cirque du Soleil

  • 2018: 3rd place in the preliminaries of the World Whistling Championships in Tokyo

  • 2016: My whistling featured in the 7-times awarded documentary "The Art and Science of Traveling"

  • 2012: Austrian Vice-Champion of Magic

But what does a professional whistler do?

whistling music pieces with the lips and/or tongue, but without any other aids. This rare art is presented by only a few artists worldwide. It can be compared to a solo instrument played to an accompaniment or accapella.
You can find some examples in the menu "Media".